About Gina.

I help people learn through meaningful experiences.

About me

I am Gina and I am a lifelong learner.  I was learning for over 20 years as an English professor. Before that, I was learning for over 20 years as a student and now I’m learning again as a UX Designer. I like helping to make things better and easier for others to understand.  I have never been totally satisfied with knowing why, I also want to know how.  As a UX Designer, I will continue to try to make lives better each day one meaningful experience at a time.
I currently live in sunny Orlando, Florida. When I'm not learning, I enjoy hiking, cooking, traveling, and astrophotography.


DESignlab UX academy

Full Time UX Design student

University of central florida

Content Developer and Curriculum Designer

Indian river state college

Adult Education Program Director and ESL Developer