A conceptual luxury handbag reseller e-commerce responsive website.

UX Case Study


A conceptual luxury handbag reseller e-commerce responsive website.

Problem Statement

Take the company, IYKYK, a luxury handbag reseller, online since currently they only have a very outdated informational website that only lists locations, promotions, and a bit of background about the company with a new logo and an e-commerce responsive website where they can sell their products online. 


IYKYK started back in 2004 as a consignment and reseller of high-end, luxury handbags and clothing. IYKYK means If You Know You Know, a colloquial expression for those with insider knowledge about a specific thing or experience. IYKYK has 20 brick-and-mortar locations in major US cities.

Objectives & Goals

Design a responsive e-commerce website.

I want to modernize IYKYK with a new clean logo.

I was tasked to design a responsive website for a conceptual e-commerce website.

Design Process

I needed to understand my user and figure out how and why they buy pre-owned luxury items.


Research Process

  1. Determine what motivates a used luxury handbag purchase.
  2. Identify the methods of luxury bags reselling.
  3. Understand the process of choosing which reseller to purchase from.
  4. Learn if there are any concerns with resale authenticity.


  • Comparative and competitive research to see how our competitors resell luxury bags
  • User interviews to hear from users first-hand their stories of how they buy used luxury goods on or offline.
  • Survey online luxury bag shoppersImmerse myself in the online luxury resale experience and record my experience from start to finish=

Assumptions & Risks

  • We might have trouble finding people who buy luxury bags. 
  • We also may have problems finding people who have purchased a used luxury bag. Using a snowball recruiting method can help mitigate these risks.
  • We assume that there is a certain group of luxury consumer who values high-end designer bags, as evident from the long lines outside of Louis Vuitton stores. These people are our primary target audience. 

Competitors Analysis

I compared the most popular hotel booking websites on their strengths, weaknesses, and special features. I found that most sites had a loyalty or rewards program. They all also did other travel bookings in addition to hotels, such as private rentals and car rentals.


I interviewed six people. I was able to interview them in person and Zoom.

Information Architecture

Persona developed from user interviews and in-depth competitive analysis

defined my users through the interviews and surveys.

What I know about my users:

  • Shops online for most items under $1000
  • Shops in-store for higher priced items
  • Enjoys the in-store experience and perks (champagne, samples, rapport with Client Advisors, etc.)
  • Considers long-term value and resale value when buying luxury items
  • Buys bags on vacation or for special events


Hand drawn sketches of homepage and category pages

Interaction Design

Once the initial research had been conducted, it was time to develop a usable site. I had to ideate how the user how navigate the site.

Site Map

I created site map based on the results of the card sort and the competitive analysis. It helps to give a framework of necessary web pages and flow.

User Flow

I conducted usability testing based on this flow.


Hero Page Wireframe


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Iteration and Implementation

The wireframes were implemented into a high fidelity prototype website to be tested.
User Flow 1 Prototype
I evaluated​ ​the​ ​interactions​ ​the ​​4 users​ ​have​ ​with​ ​the​ limited IYKYK ​website,​ ​identifying​ ​current​​pain points,​ ​potential​ ​pain​ ​points,​ ​and​ ​successes​ ​of​ ​the​​navigation,​ ​flow,​ ​architecture,​ ​and design based on the given 3 scenarios.

Affinity Map

Affinity Map based on user interviews and usability testing.

Final UI Screens

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The brand logo evolved from user research, the psychology of colors, and stakeholder preference.

Results & Takeaways

Overall, I found that the users want a safe, easy way to buy used luxury bags online. They want information about long-term value and investment pieces, as well as a luxury feel and experience similar to the in-boutique experience. The users look to resellers for rare or limited-edition items. Most importantly, the users need to feel secure in their purchase and authenticity of items. Reputation of the reseller is important.
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